Tuesday Treasury ~ A Pop of Emerald


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Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh or Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

For those of you not in New York this week … sorry!  There is nothing quite like New York on St. Patrick’s Day ~ or the entire month of March for that matter!

A little Etsy Treasury Tuesday inspired by the Emerald Isle …

A Pop of Emerald… and a wee song to raise a pint to.

~ Peace


Treasury Tuesday ~ Ye Old Office Supplies


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A new little something I am going to try to do for you guys every week, is come up with a fun Etsy Treasury for sharing …

This week we go back in time, in the office … since I love surrounding myself with antique and vintage pieces, and I have been spending so much time in the “office” lately I thought OOOh Vintagey Office Things …

Ye Olde Office Supplies

What kind of treasury would you create … I will do it for you if you want, I take requests.

~ Peace

Evolve ~ Questions, Promises & Solutions?


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On Monday I received this email,

Hello lovelies!

Tomorrow at noon we will again be lunching and launching together. If you are new to this list, it is because I think you might have something to bring to/get from this group, and we’d love to have you join us. LunchPad is our weekly lunch to launch new ideas, and we welcome ideas/plans/goals in all stages of development. Bring just your thoughts and one ingredient for our shared salad–the meal is a metaphor for what can happen when we put all our contributions into the same pot!

Feel free to pass this along to others as you see appropriate.

Again it’s tomorrow, and every Tuesday, at noon. Hope to see you.

How could I not get over my introverted self and just go?  Right?  So The Chef made a wonderful vinaigrette, I bought some Chabaso Bread, put on my “big girl panties”, and went … so happy that I did!  The salad was great, the company even better and the light bulbs just kept going off for me, I left with my head spinning in the best way.  Full of questions, and yes I think even a few answers!  I KNOW!!!  RIGHT?

The lunch started with the worst of all situations for me … “Tell us all what you do”, and I can’t.  I have no words to describe where I am at, and I absolutely have no words for my future, (but I will save that for my next Evolve post).

Next discussion topic “what are you doing that is working, and what is not working?”  Well that was much easier to answer, deep breath … Online networking and social media has been working VERY well for me of late, whereas FACE-to-FACE, not so much … mostly because I decline offers and hide behind this keyboard ~ UNTIL YESTERDAY!

Then our moderator, coordinator Sarah introduced the New York Times article  “Relax! You’ll Be More Productive”  for discussion.  The long and the short of it is listen to your body, working smarter, NOT HARDER OR LONGER, rest, and renew yourself.  We discussed where we find our renewal … I walk, or clean, so,  the promise I made myself, and the group, is that I will walk.  I will embrace my most productive time of the day, and allow myself renewal time … I will wake up, get my people out the door, have my 2nd cup of coffee, check all of my online business, write, make phone calls, take care of my morning household responsibilities and then I will get up and go out for a walk or do some other renewing activity.

Also, I promised myself to have an answer, not a rambling, the next time someone asks me “what do you do?” …

Next up … Embracing this as MY JOB

~ Peace

This event is just one of many hosted by a local co-working space, The Inc., that is part of a larger space called The Purple Crayon Center for Learning and Social Innovation.

Tiny Victories …


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Instead of sitting here focusing on ALL of the things I have not had the chance to do over the last 2 plus weeks.  First my boy with a stomach bug, next a blizzard, then husband with the flu, and finally President’s Week “Vacation” like the cherry on top.  I thought I would go ahead and pat myself on the back for the small things I did do …

Boy Down

Boy Down

Man Down

Man Down

Apartment laundry is not always easy … setting aside the time, having everyone in the right place at the right time, AND FREE MACHINES does not always fall into place.  It did, and we have clean clothes.

Small Accomplishments (4)

Then there is this, stove knobs in the dishwasher!!!  So funny, but makes a huge difference … no more sticky knobs.

Small Accomplishments (2)

Cleaned my make up brushes … Do you do that?  Here is a link, you really should do it.

Small Accomplishments

And yes, I did get to do a wee bit of thrifting and writing while my boy was at Art Camp …

Thrifty Goodness (2)

Being more positive … right?!

~ Peace

Make Lemonade!


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Any lemons around your house?  I have a few … a lemon is a spot or a thing that HAS to be there, but has “aesthetic” challenges … so now, do you have any lemons?  An outlet in the middle of the wall, thermostat, fuse box, steam riser?

This is my kitchen lemon, a GIANT, white outlet, in the center of the wall over my bar cabinet, and under my beautifully accessorized (if I do say so myself) cookbook shelves …

My Lemon (2)

This is my lemonade …

My Lemonade

A fruit crate brought home from a Tuscan Market, yup that’s it! No more eyesore outlet …

Here are a bunch of great ideas for your lemons, and the rest of mine.

Exposed pipe in the living room?  I have one in my bathroom … love this solution!  Adding porch post to my flea market list.

Source ~ Ethereal Plus What I Love

Giant, ugly, air vents? Kelly at Eclectically Vintage made lemonade by using an Antique crib side rail and ribbons to cover it up.  I love outside the box solutions …

Source ~ Eclectically Vintage

These 2 cover ups deal with all that techy crap we have to have in our homes … the router and the wires.

Source ~ Anamu

Source ~ Lushome

Cover that stat!  Cute idea & a great tutorial …

Source ~ Frankfully

Or …. we can embrace them and make them as beautiful as their surroundings

Source ~ Refinery29

So many different ways to make lemonade of the lemons our homes can toss our way … thanks to the creative bloggers that share their wonderful ideas!

~ Peace

Click on the photos and jump to the source!

Thrifty Thursday ~ Paper Bag Valentines


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Why reInvent the wheel, right?  I used brown paper lunch bags for Kindergarten Valentines … so I tweaked the idea a little for the 1st Graders.  A few less kids, means a little more money in budget, so I can include a pencil for our new little writers …

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (3)

Same as last year … a heart on every bag

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (10)

Color, Color, Color … cut, hole punch and a mock up that doesn’t work.  It’s droopy …

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (11)

Second try (with some input from my Girl) … no cutting, fold the bag, 4 layers, not droopy anymore!

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (6)

This year Anthony wrote his name IN MARKER on all of the bags …

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (3)

$10 for a great big bag of kisses, $2.98 for 30 pencils, had lunch bags on hand (always do) … and my grand total for 19 Valentines $0.68 each!  Loving that!

~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Safer Lunch …


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Free of leaks & spills that is … I pack lunch for 2 kids and 1 husband everyday.  The husband lunch is usually leftovers, leftovers has meant soup A LOT lately, and after a lesson learned last week this is how the soup gets packed now.

Lunch Safety (3)A little plastic wrap BEFORE the lid goes on and we are safe from spills and leaks … for the husband that is.  Still get a lunch bag full of water from the boy every day, even after my love note …

Lunch Safety (4)

What tips and trick do you have?  Thought I would share mine …

~ Peace

From The Chef … Shrimp & Pasta


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Jumbo easy peal shrimp was on sale this week at Fairway.  What is easy peel?  It’s shrimp that has been de-veined, but the shell is left on.  Why am I happy about this?   60% (or it seems that much) of the flavor ,when cooking shrimp, comes from the shell.  Think of it like cooking a chop or a roast on the bone.   That said who wants to peel shrimp as they eat their pasta?   Not me …


  • 1 lb  of jumbo or  15/20 count shrimp
  • a pint of cherry tomatoes, halved
  • about a half of diced hot vinegar cherry pepper
  • 1 small carrot diced
  • 1 small onion diced
  • 1 rib of celery ( a smaller rib with the leaves from the heart ) diced
  • 2 cloves of garlic both smashed
  • dry white wine about a half a cup
  • bay leaf
  • parsley chopped
  • 1 lb of pasta. Long or short it does not matter.  (spend at least $2 on your pasta please)

Serves 4


Shhhhh this is the secret to the best shrimp and pasta ;  SHRIMP STOCK

  • Separate the shrimp from the shell cut them in half put them in a covered bowl and refrigerate.  Put the shells in a small pot say  1 or 2 quarts in size.
  • Dice up  the celery, parsley stems, carrot, onion and smash a clove of garlic.
  • Toss all of this  into the pot with the shells and cover it with water.
  • Add a bay leaf a pinch of salt  and few grinds of pepper.
  • Put the pot over low heat and let it simmer for a  half hour or so.
  • Strain the stock when you are ready to use it,  you should have about 2 cups of stock.


  • Bring your pasta pot up to a boil.
  • In a pan / pot large enough to hold  the pound of pasta,  sauté the halved cherry tomatoes in olive oil over medium to high heat  until they start to break  down, then add the chilies  and the other clove of garlic, add salt and black pepper –
  • Sauté for another minute ( add your pasta to the pot now ) – add the white wine and let reduce until  the sauce has tightened or thickened.
  • Test the pasta as you are going along take it out of the water with a bout 2 or 3 minutes before it is ready to your taste.
  • Once the pasta is out, turn the heat up on the sauce and add a cup of your homemade shrimp stock, bring the sauce to a boil and add the shrimp.  cook for about 3 or 4 minutes.
  • Take the shrimp out of the sauce and put aside, you don’t want them to be overcooked
  • Add the pasta to the sauce and toss to coat,  If you need you can add a bit more stock or pasta water but there should be be very little, if any  sauce left in the bottom of the pan.  Check for salt & pepper.
  • If you feel fancy shmancy you can put splash of brandy in at the last minute as well
  • Put the shrimp back, toss the pasta with more parsley and serve.


Taste taste taste…this all about the ingredients you will or should taste each of them, adjust accordingly.

~ Peace

My apologies …


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For the last few months I have had a complete identity crisis!  I have tried desperately to combine all my ventures and failed miserably … and for that I am sorry.

In my failed attempt to merge this blog and my Etsy shoppe I have lost track of my vision … lost my voice.  I am not a salesperson, I could not sell a bucket of water to you if your head was on fire … I love doing estate sales, and I am very good at it … but that is because I am good at advertising and marketing.  I am not good at asking you to buy stuff … so I will not use this platform to push my Etsy listings anymore, PROMISE!

I will try to get back on track blogging about things that I dig, and things that come naturally to me … like telling people what to do … WINK!

The “soft sell” does not offend though, and becasue of that I have made a new page (look up at the top of the screen see it???) I will post pics of stuff in the shoppe, and update  from time to time as my inventory changes, and I start to do some flea markets in the Spring.

ALSO … see over there to the left of the screen … that is the Sfuso featured item of the month …  There will be a new featured product every month, I will post a picture of the item on the SbS Facebook page, purchase this item and mention that you saw it through SbS, this blog, Keith or me and I will refund the shipping … sweet right?

Feb  2013 Featured Item

UpCycled Antique Chalk Board Frame in Harvest Orange

This antique frame was repurposed and made into a great looking chalk board, created by NY artist/craftsman Keith Decent and will make a unique edition to any home, kitchen, or dorm room!

“Keith works out of Sixth Borough Studios in Yonkers, NY and specializes in upcycling and restorations with a sense of humor and dramatic flair.”

Harvest Orange

So … Forward we march together.  Thanks for hanging in there while I get it together …

~ Peace

Vintage Pennants …


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The predecessor to the shot glass and the t-shirt … a memento of a family vacation, proof of allegiance … a school, a team … A memory,  the pennant.

Amazing, cool looking, kitschy little pieces of history … anything familiar?  Did you go to Niagara Falls on your honeymoon?  Maybe you know a Central Catholic alumnus?

These are all available, for you, at Sfuso

~ Peace