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I am getting ready for a Fall Sale!

Tage Sale 101

Have you ever had a tag sale? No.  Why?  I bet that if you looked around there is some stuff you are not using … dishes, glasses, clothes, shoes, purses, toys.  I’ll wait, go look … SEE! 

Here are a few Dos & Don’ts to help you get started …


  • Price Everything!
  • Price everything TO SELL!
  • Have change (quarters, and dollars especially!)
  • Have plenty of newspaper, boxes and bags
  • Advertise!  (craigslist, local paper, local online paper, post about it on your Facebook Page, Tweet it, Instagram it)
  • Hang nice, clear signs … signs that can be read from the car (check your local code, sometimes you are responsible for removing all the signs too!)
  • Plan on a 1/2 Price Sunday Afternoon!
  • Schedule a charity pick up for your leftovers.


  • Take any of it personally. There will be a few bad apples …
  • Try to sell anything that is broken ~ especially electronics! (have an outlet, or an extension cord accessible)
  • HAVE FREE STUFF! A bowl of hard candies, or Hershey Kisses is OK, but no FREE TOYS!
  • Advertise too early ~ a Saturday & Sunday sale should be advertised on Thursday & Friday … you don’t want to get pushed to the bottom of the list.
  • Be unrealistic with your prices.  If you saw something online or on TV that is NOT the tag sale price!!!
  • Take anything back in!  If you are willing to sell it, then you should definitely donate it!

There is nothing nicer, in my opinion, than sitting around on a Sunday night, drinking a cold beer and counting your money!  Pick a weekend, give it a shot …

~ Peace