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Do you know Bon Ami & Bar Keepers Friend?  You should meet them … a little old fashioned, but hard working, sharp looking, and they do what they say they will.  All the qualities of a true friend, no?


In my vintage world I clean A LOT of things … rusty things, sticky things, scratched things, shiny things.  You name it I have probably had to find a way to clean it.  Working on a Bakelite Telephone right now … Really!

vintage things

I had heard about Bon Ami & Bar Keepers Friend, great for this, amazing for that … no idea why I never had any in the house, until last week.  See last week I was prepping some vintage, stainless steal kitchen utensils and they had been loved (loved in Vintage world means used) … these were loved good!  A little stickiness, some rust, some grease, etc.  I used some castile soap, I used baking soda, vinegar, all worked, just not as well as I would have liked.   At the same time I had read a thread some where, probably a vintage board on Facebook, about using Bar Keepers Friend on Pyrex … LIGHTBULB!  Trip to the hardware store, because around here that is where they sell all of the GOOD cleaners that actually work, and brought my new buddies home … since then we have been cleaning everything!

My favorite thing … Bar Keepers Friends cleans utensil scratches on your plates.  These are utensil scratches … you have them, I know it.

Cleaning (8)

This is the after … I know, right?

Cleaning (3)

Now I know, who really cares about utensil scratches? Me (hangs head in shame) … In a real world normal application the bathroom sink and the tub look like this too!  With no chemicals, no smell and no bleach!

Happy Cleaning!

~ Peace