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Sitting here, 8:30 on a weekday morning, in my jammies drinking coffee, trolling, listening to some streaming NPR … jealous?  Don’t be! I would love to have something fun to do today, use these summer days like all those creative mommies, fun loving mommies …

With all this damn trolling I have been doing (out of boredom) I have been thinking about virtual reality VS. real reality lately.  Not just spaces and tablescapes … but life.  Everyday real life, with kids, on a dull, hot, Summer day.  How come no one posts pictures of kids in the same clothes for days at a time, watching YouTube or building Legos?

AJP Lego

Doesn’t anyone else have a hard time filling the day, everyday?  Isn’t anyone else too broke to go and DO SOMETHING everyday?

Summers are hard on Moms like me.  Moms that cherish and need alone time, like to work.  Work from home! I tried to make a Summer schedule; I will get up super early, go for a walk, before the man leaves for his 9-5,  work for an hour or 2 and then we will do something.  That day has happened once …

Our beach vacation cannot come soon enough! I am done with 100 degrees, air conditioning and TV!  Until then ……….

~ Peace