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I decorate my wreath for EVERYTHING!  As an apartment dweller it is the only public display of Sara Style …

I have a very simple, well made, store bought grape vine wreath.  I have had it for at least 1,000 years, and it is a wonderful canvas … some sparkle for Christmas, Forsythia for Spring

I am like a wreath stylist, here is my wreath decoration box … each season (month) has a little baggie with some flowers, a ribbon or two, fake fruit, leaves, garlands, outdoor décor, seed pods …


But alas I was bored by my go to Spring things and as I am prone to do, I took a look around the house to see what there was to use … I have a GIANT bag of yarn!  Have you looked around Pinterest at all lately, it is just full of Yarn PomPoms … just check THIS simple search.

So I made PomPoms!!!!

Wreath (2)

With my girl …

Wreath (10)

We used the Antique serving fork method … you all know that one right?  You can also use your hands, a hair pick, a cardboard template …

Wreath (13)

I had thoughts of making enough PomPoms to cover the entire wreath, PomPoms are not as easy to make as I thought!  We made this many …

Wreath (21)

I wired them, using florist wire which I keep in my wreath box, and …

Wreath (24)

I know, my door looks chartreuse, it is not.  I wish it was … it is really just apartment building green.

That is enough craftiness for me for a bit … I will be decorating the house for Spring this weekend, in Sara Style as well.

~ Peace