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Organizer ~ in my genes, but as work, not so much anymore.

Antique Dealer ~ EEEK!  Not yet!

Tag Sale Diva ~ not nearly as often as I would like … love me a good tag sale!

Proprietress of an online vintage store ~ YES!  Everyday!!!

When trying to get a small (really really small) business  off the ground word of mouth is key.  That is why it is vital I can answer the questions “What do you do?”, “What are you up to these days?”  At the bus, at a dinner party, in a class, Walgreens … people are so nosey!  No they are not … I just don’t answer these questions well.

I find myself rambling, giving the entire history of the last 3 plus years of evolution, only to get to I have an Etsy Shoppe

“A what?”

An Etsy Shoppe!  It’s an online market place for vintage and handmade goods.

“Oh, like craiglslist?”


I struggle.  I have to … SIMPLIFY IT!

Maybe I need new business cards?  Handing someone a business card makes it a legit business right?

Thank you all for indulging me … allowing me to work this through, you are witness to my over thinking and over analytical brain …

~ Peace 

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