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On Monday I received this email,

Hello lovelies!

Tomorrow at noon we will again be lunching and launching together. If you are new to this list, it is because I think you might have something to bring to/get from this group, and we’d love to have you join us. LunchPad is our weekly lunch to launch new ideas, and we welcome ideas/plans/goals in all stages of development. Bring just your thoughts and one ingredient for our shared salad–the meal is a metaphor for what can happen when we put all our contributions into the same pot!

Feel free to pass this along to others as you see appropriate.

Again it’s tomorrow, and every Tuesday, at noon. Hope to see you.

How could I not get over my introverted self and just go?  Right?  So The Chef made a wonderful vinaigrette, I bought some Chabaso Bread, put on my “big girl panties”, and went … so happy that I did!  The salad was great, the company even better and the light bulbs just kept going off for me, I left with my head spinning in the best way.  Full of questions, and yes I think even a few answers!  I KNOW!!!  RIGHT?

The lunch started with the worst of all situations for me … “Tell us all what you do”, and I can’t.  I have no words to describe where I am at, and I absolutely have no words for my future, (but I will save that for my next Evolve post).

Next discussion topic “what are you doing that is working, and what is not working?”  Well that was much easier to answer, deep breath … Online networking and social media has been working VERY well for me of late, whereas FACE-to-FACE, not so much … mostly because I decline offers and hide behind this keyboard ~ UNTIL YESTERDAY!

Then our moderator, coordinator Sarah introduced the New York Times article  “Relax! You’ll Be More Productive”  for discussion.  The long and the short of it is listen to your body, working smarter, NOT HARDER OR LONGER, rest, and renew yourself.  We discussed where we find our renewal … I walk, or clean, so,  the promise I made myself, and the group, is that I will walk.  I will embrace my most productive time of the day, and allow myself renewal time … I will wake up, get my people out the door, have my 2nd cup of coffee, check all of my online business, write, make phone calls, take care of my morning household responsibilities and then I will get up and go out for a walk or do some other renewing activity.

Also, I promised myself to have an answer, not a rambling, the next time someone asks me “what do you do?” …

Next up … Embracing this as MY JOB

~ Peace

This event is just one of many hosted by a local co-working space, The Inc., that is part of a larger space called The Purple Crayon Center for Learning and Social Innovation.