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Instead of sitting here focusing on ALL of the things I have not had the chance to do over the last 2 plus weeks.  First my boy with a stomach bug, next a blizzard, then husband with the flu, and finally President’s Week “Vacation” like the cherry on top.  I thought I would go ahead and pat myself on the back for the small things I did do …

Boy Down

Boy Down

Man Down

Man Down

Apartment laundry is not always easy … setting aside the time, having everyone in the right place at the right time, AND FREE MACHINES does not always fall into place.  It did, and we have clean clothes.

Small Accomplishments (4)

Then there is this, stove knobs in the dishwasher!!!  So funny, but makes a huge difference … no more sticky knobs.

Small Accomplishments (2)

Cleaned my make up brushes … Do you do that?  Here is a link, you really should do it.

Small Accomplishments

And yes, I did get to do a wee bit of thrifting and writing while my boy was at Art Camp …

Thrifty Goodness (2)

Being more positive … right?!

~ Peace