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Any lemons around your house?  I have a few … a lemon is a spot or a thing that HAS to be there, but has “aesthetic” challenges … so now, do you have any lemons?  An outlet in the middle of the wall, thermostat, fuse box, steam riser?

This is my kitchen lemon, a GIANT, white outlet, in the center of the wall over my bar cabinet, and under my beautifully accessorized (if I do say so myself) cookbook shelves …

My Lemon (2)

This is my lemonade …

My Lemonade

A fruit crate brought home from a Tuscan Market, yup that’s it! No more eyesore outlet …

Here are a bunch of great ideas for your lemons, and the rest of mine.

Exposed pipe in the living room?  I have one in my bathroom … love this solution!  Adding porch post to my flea market list.

Source ~ Ethereal Plus What I Love

Giant, ugly, air vents? Kelly at Eclectically Vintage made lemonade by using an Antique crib side rail and ribbons to cover it up.  I love outside the box solutions …

Source ~ Eclectically Vintage

These 2 cover ups deal with all that techy crap we have to have in our homes … the router and the wires.

Source ~ Anamu

Source ~ Lushome

Cover that stat!  Cute idea & a great tutorial …

Source ~ Frankfully

Or …. we can embrace them and make them as beautiful as their surroundings

Source ~ Refinery29

So many different ways to make lemonade of the lemons our homes can toss our way … thanks to the creative bloggers that share their wonderful ideas!

~ Peace

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