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Why reInvent the wheel, right?  I used brown paper lunch bags for Kindergarten Valentines … so I tweaked the idea a little for the 1st Graders.  A few less kids, means a little more money in budget, so I can include a pencil for our new little writers …

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (3)

Same as last year … a heart on every bag

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (10)

Color, Color, Color … cut, hole punch and a mock up that doesn’t work.  It’s droopy …

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (11)

Second try (with some input from my Girl) … no cutting, fold the bag, 4 layers, not droopy anymore!

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (6)

This year Anthony wrote his name IN MARKER on all of the bags …

2013 Paper Bag Valentine (3)

$10 for a great big bag of kisses, $2.98 for 30 pencils, had lunch bags on hand (always do) … and my grand total for 19 Valentines $0.68 each!  Loving that!

~ Happy Valentine’s Day!