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For the last few months I have had a complete identity crisis!  I have tried desperately to combine all my ventures and failed miserably … and for that I am sorry.

In my failed attempt to merge this blog and my Etsy shoppe I have lost track of my vision … lost my voice.  I am not a salesperson, I could not sell a bucket of water to you if your head was on fire … I love doing estate sales, and I am very good at it … but that is because I am good at advertising and marketing.  I am not good at asking you to buy stuff … so I will not use this platform to push my Etsy listings anymore, PROMISE!

I will try to get back on track blogging about things that I dig, and things that come naturally to me … like telling people what to do … WINK!

The “soft sell” does not offend though, and becasue of that I have made a new page (look up at the top of the screen see it???) I will post pics of stuff in the shoppe, and update  from time to time as my inventory changes, and I start to do some flea markets in the Spring.

ALSO … see over there to the left of the screen … that is the Sfuso featured item of the month …  There will be a new featured product every month, I will post a picture of the item on the SbS Facebook page, purchase this item and mention that you saw it through SbS, this blog, Keith or me and I will refund the shipping … sweet right?

Feb  2013 Featured Item

UpCycled Antique Chalk Board Frame in Harvest Orange

This antique frame was repurposed and made into a great looking chalk board, created by NY artist/craftsman Keith Decent and will make a unique edition to any home, kitchen, or dorm room!

“Keith works out of Sixth Borough Studios in Yonkers, NY and specializes in upcycling and restorations with a sense of humor and dramatic flair.”

Harvest Orange

So … Forward we march together.  Thanks for hanging in there while I get it together …

~ Peace