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Not meal planning … The Chef does not do that.  He decides everyday, on the way home from work, what is on the menu for that evening.  That said … we still have to plan a little.  I mean come on, I live here too, and I plan!

Our compromise, inspired by the Offbeat Home article Make better use of your kitchen’s resources to waste less food and save more moneyspecifically THIS picture.

Photo by Cat Rocketship

Here’s mine …

Food Triage (6)

Here’s how …

Take stock of the perishables …

  • Crisper Bin … see the leftovers too!

Food Triage (10)

  • Cold Cuts

Food Triage (13)

  • Check your freezer, any prepared meals in there?  Anything that really should be cooked soon???

Food Triage (11)

A well stocked pantry combined with keeping track of your perishables means less waste,therefore, more money!  Who doesn’t like more money?

~ Peace

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