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So yesterday was an around the house day … I had to wait for FedEx.  While I was hanging I decided to hit the pile!  I have a pile … it is an old laundry basket where I keep the things that require my attention, but not my immediate attention.  You know what was in there?  All of Anthony’s Kindergarten papers …

K Work (3)

Last year was a transitional year for my lil guy, I had to be able to document his progress and/or regression … it was progress!!!  That means the paper can go, so I sorted.

K Work (5)

I keep the funny, interesting “Anthony” things, like this,

K Work (6)

and this … it’s a Praying Mantis!

K Work

What do I do with the other stuff?

K Work (15)

Have me ship something to you and you may just get some of Anthony’s Kindergarten papers …

K Work (16)

Lucky you!



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