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Time … seems there is never enough.

How about biting off a little at a time, or even better, using the time you have to its fullest?

5 Minutes to Company

UnExpected company (you know who who are) … we have all been there, right?  Take 5 minutes and only clean (straighten) where your guests will be …

  • Clean the bathroom your guests will be using.  Use a 50/50 vinegar & water solution and wipe down the fixtures and mirror. Put out fresh, clean towels, clear up your toiletries, no one wants to see your toothpaste and contact solution please.  Light an unscented candle, it is a good odor absorber and people always look better in candle light anyway.
  • Straighten the entryway, and coat closet.
  • Make one quick round of the living and dining space; remove anything that does not belong, fluff the cushions, and give a spritz of , fluff the cushions and give a spritz of homemade air freshener.
  • Put the kid’s toys in their room and close the door!

10 Minutes to Easier Mornings

How about a few more minutes of sleep in the morning? 10 minutes every night before bed could mean an extra 15 or 20 minutes of sleep in the morning.

First get the kids set

  • Start by setting up the lunch boxes, fill the water bottles, portion the snacks, and make the sandwiches.
  • Make sure all of the tests are signed, permission slips filled out, notes written, and the backpacks are packed and by the door.
  • If you can (I no longer can) choose and layout an outfit.

For the grownups

  • Check your calendar and do the next day mental checklist.  Ask yourself, “Do I need anything special for my day tomorrow?”
  • Put your keys where they are supposed to be, plug in your phone (and anything else that needs charging).
  • Make your lunch too.  Pack your own lunch and a couple of snacks, it will be healthier and you will save that $10. Think of the things you can buy with an extra $50 a week!

Doing this every night, all year, make mornings a breeze. Beach days, picnics, the zoo, museums, camp, park … whatever your next days is going to throw your way, 10 Minutes the night before will help you get off to a smooth start.

20 Minutes to Big Results

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the size of your space, or the size of your mess, attack it in daily 20 minute intervals.  Have you ever set a timer for 20 minutes? It is a long time.

In 20 minutes you can:

  • Make rounds and put things back in the right rooms; and
  • Clean off the kitchen table; and
  • Empty the dishwasher, and reload it.
  • Even spend 5 minutes cleaning a bathroom.

Start timing the kids too; kids love a stop watch, at least mine do. Set the timer, 20 minutes to pick up your room, get your jammies on; get it all done before the timer goes off and we can read an extra story, have a cookie before bed … incentive!

Have a To Do List?  Reverse engineer your 20 minutes, set your stop watch, do your stuff and see how long it really takes … fold and put away the wash, put away the groceries, maybe even make the bed.

Five minutes here, ten minutes there doesn’t sound impossible does it?  Working to keep up can get you ahead.  What?  Yeah!  A few minutes of extra effort everyday mean less to do tomorrow … wrap your head around that.

~ Peace

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