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Sometimes when I am prepping for a sale I have a ton of silver plate … I don’t polish silver as a rule, but sometimes it just shows so much better with a little less of that lovely tarnish.

Take for instance this lovely Art Nouveau style … I am going to call it a “Wine Bottle Coaster” … shows well, but could be better.

Plate Tip (15)

Plate Tip (7)

With no polish!  What you need … baking soda, warm water, aluminum foil and a non-reactive container (glass or plastic)

Plate Tip (16)

Foil goes in, a few tablespoons of baking soda, some warm water, and submerge.

Plate Tip (3)

Leave it in there for a bit, take it out and rinse in warm water.  Some pieces may need a little rub in the detailed areas.  Now it is not like the TV commercial … where you dip it in and a miracle happens.  This technique works very well, but if sparkly shine is your goal nothing works like elbow grease and Tarnex

Go and get some tarnishy, wonderful silver plate at a Tag Sale this weekend and give it a try … Happy Hunting!

~ Peace