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I love Fall. Aside from the fact that my birthday falls on Halloween (cake, presents, AND candy), I have a pretty cool front porch that looks like it could have been a movie set for a great Hitchcock flick, and I really couldn’t go another year and not take advantage of it.

I really wanted to give a nod this season to a more natural style of décor with an earthy feel, and needed something quick and easy. So I bypassed the glitter pumpkins in the stores and went straight to the backyard. Gathering up fallen branches, I stuck them into the holes of a milk crate I’d turned upside down.  I weighted the whole thing down with a few bricks, wrapped it in burlap, added a few black crows from the craft store, and voila!  Instant creepy tree for the front porch.

After seeing the witches’ brooms in the stores, I knew I had all I needed in the yard to make my own.  So again I made the trip around gathering dead weeds for the bristles, and an old tree branch for the broom handle. A piece of bailing twine from my garden, and I had a broom in about 10 minutes.

What I love best about using the gifts from Mother Nature is that I killed 2 birds with one stone this weekend. I cleaned up the yard and used the bounty to decorate. And when it’s time for clean-up everything goes right into the compost pile. Even better.

For inside decorating, I collected all my treasures that spoke to me of Fall. My consignment store pumpkin, my pewter bowl & tray, an old croched doilie and a silhouette of yours truly circa 1975.  Gathered together they make a homey statement, and a few carefully placed plastic spider rings and leaves from our old ash tree gives a touch of unexpected Halloween fun.

A set of vintage darts looked great on the mantle entwined with eucalyptus, and a vintage sewing machine manual adds that worn look to a Fall vignette.

The key to remember: it’s about colors and textures, not necessarily the subject matter when it comes to Fall decorating.


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