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After posting this picture on Facebook yesterday I thought I would share the rest of my “Heavy Metal” collection.

Truck spring, dug up on the Old Croton Aqueduct, has a new life as my bedroom door stop.

Rusty THings (3)

A hinge … brought home by my husband; maybe from a job site, now it’s kitchen wall art.

Heavy Metal (11)

Love me some decorative wrought iron …

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal (28)

Heavy Metal (6)

Garden tool … waiting to become a wine glass rack (like THIS), until then shelf decor.

Heavy Metal (27)

a bit of old rail road as a bookend …

Heavy Metal (21)

Patina like this makes me giddy …

Heavy Metal (7)

I have no idea what this is, do you?  Anthony found it and thought I would like it … I do.

Heavy Metal (26)

Some pieces have a story, some don’t … this one is a piece of a window from our first apartment.

Heavy Metal (32)

My rustiest thing, also found on the Aqueduct … has no real purpose yet, mostly use it as a doorstop because man is it heavy.

Heavy Metal (17)

Finally my most famous piece, the Lathe Wheel .. NOT from Restoration Hardware!  I wrote about it in May 2011 … Found Treasure

Heavy Metal 66

Are you a collector of odd bits?  Do you see beauty where most people don’t?  I would love to see …

~ Peace