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I joined a one of those warehouse clubs … so completely out of character for me.  My friends can attest to my Supermarket/SuperWalmart Anxiety Disorder.  Large spaces overwhelm me … too many choices and I head for the hills.

I spent an anxiety filled hour and a half there this morning, walked into 2 or 3 of those end display things, was definitely talking to myself … judged others by the ginormous contents of their just as ginormous carts, but I kept going. I walked the aisles pantry lists in hand, buying what we needed, taking note of what was available, checking the prices, comparing them to what I usually spend etc., etc.

All in all I think I made out OK … buying mostly toiletries, some snacks and a GIANT piece of Locatelli ($7.99/lb!!!).  Can’t go too crazy, small space dweller remember …  after a bit of maneuvering I was able to put almost everything away, I did have to leave 18 rolls of TP in the garage but I think we can survive on the 18 in the linen closet for at least 3 months.  The only thing left is this …


It seemed like a great idea .. I can put them in everyone’s lunch … The Chef will snack on them, they were super affordable ($7.49/5lbs) BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WITH THEM???  Help a chick out, any and all suggestions are welcome …

Some Sara Observations … Organic Milk and Soy Milk are cheaper at Trader Joe’s, and so is the Yogurt. Napkins are cheaper when they are on sale ANYWHERE else, everything comes in a variety pack, meaning there will always be Original Flavor Oatmeal leftover. The produce looks just fine but it is all sealed up … how can I tell if it is nice if I can’t smell it? Come on people! I had no idea that I could buy light bulbs, towels, Tupperware, socks, underwear … OMG!

Happy I did it, can’t say that I will go there often, The Chef will go there and look at the foodie things .. maybe I can get him to report back, maybe?

Gonna go and eat some peanuts …  looking forward to hearing from you guys.

~ Peace