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Box going into deep, deep storage … thought it needed more that a label. Who knows how addled I will be by the time my kids are looking for stuff for their kids. Here is what I do to help me remember what’s what on that back shelf.


What You Need

• Storage Tub (no little boy in yours)

• Camera

• Clear Packing Tape

• Blue Painter’s Tape & A Marker

Label is not Enough (5)

What To Do

1. Make sure everything is clean. Always wash and check the pockets before you put clothes/blankets in storage.

2. Set out everything that is going into this tub. I sealed my stuff in individual plastic bags, the kind sheets, and bed sets some in, because this box will be in my garage.

3. Take a picture

4. Label the storage container. I use blue painter’s tape, not a label maker.

5. Print the picture and tape it COMPLETELY to the side of the bin with clear packing tape.

Label is not Enough (8)

What went in to deep storage for my kiddles … the blankets and sweaters their Great Grandma made for their trip home from the hospital, the quilts their Great Aunt made them, a couple of sentimental books, my daughter’s first Halloween costume, and that one super soft blanket that helped my son finally sleep through the night.


The box is now bound for the deepest recesses of the garage. Here’s to hoping it stays there for at least 25 years or so …

~ Peace