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A few things I noticed while sitting on the beach for the last 2 weeks …

Stone Harbor (101)

  • My parents NEVER would have packed this much crap to take to the beach ~ we have become such suckers!
  • Beach carts were sent directly from heaven.

Stone Harbor (55)

  • 3 kids is the new 2
  • Everyone wears a 2 piece; except me!
  • Lifeguards are way younger than they used to be ~ I am sure of that!

Stone Harbor (95)

  • There is nothing better than an end of the day tidal pool.
  • Sand makes sandwiches taste better … that’s what we told the kids anyway.
  • The Moms are ALWAYS standing.
  • I truly believe people now aspirate more sunscreen than they apply.
  • I am no longer the only chick with a giant hat …

Stone Harbor (37)

  • At least once a day someone’s toddler makes a breaks for Portugal.
  • Laughing gulls can hear the cooler open.
  • The beach tends to make unFit folks (like myself) feel the need to toss a ball around, or take a long brisk walk.

Stone Harbor (28)

  • There are never enough snacks … NEVER!
  • Dads dig the best holes!

Stone Harbor (58)

  • Pink Wine tastes the best from a red Solo Cup sitting under an umbrella …
  • There are literary families and there are athletic families …

Stone Harbor (139)

Now I have to do everything I said I would do “after vacation …”

~ Peace