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House guest for a week with the kiddies … here are a few of my tips to combat “The Spread”.  The spread is what happens when we are in a large, unfamiliar house, have no set routine, and Mom spends the afternoons drinking …

  1. Unpack ~ Settle in and unpack what you are sure you and the kids will need.  Don’t take out the fancy clothes, you will probably never use, or the sweatshirt you packed for a week in July in the South .. DUH!
  2. Stash Stuff ~ We have a very high bed here, all of the bags are under there. Usually I put our bags in a closet, the less clutter in a shared room the better.
  3. Make rounds ~ Take a stroll around after or before meals, at least make a habit of doing it once a day.  Collect what belongs to you and yours.  Earbuds, IPods, clothes, toys, shoes, and … and … and put them back in your space.  Even better make the kids put their own stuff back!  Saves you from “The Search”.
  4. Hamper ~  Designate a spot for dirty clothes.  A bag works great, the floor of a closet, one spot for all of the wash helps cut down on clutter, and prevents lost clothes.  I pack a camping bag, find a door knob and park it there … my kids are trained to put their dirty clothes in there, when we do wash if it’s not in there it doesn’t get cleaned … TOO BAD.

Settling in, hiding clutter, rounding up, designating spots are just a few tricks for making my visits a bit easier.  By now you guys know that I am a work up front enjoy the down time kinda chick …

~ Peace