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First time over the GWB as the driver … go ahead & snicker, I am a huge, giant  chicken shit!

Me and the kids, all packed and ready to start our adventure, first stop Gilbertsville PA … home to Becker Window Fashions, and the launch pad for our trip to Chattanooga.

Today my girl was my co pilot, navigator, and photographer … talked me through the merges and reassured me every step of the way.  A right little cheerleader she was!

Once we cleared the bridge, all of the confusing signage, and made our way to Route 78 West, I figured she would plug in and tune out … she didn’t!  She talked to me, the entire way!  I was not sure if I was supposed to talk back, remain silent and just accept the information …  uncharted territory, a communicating 13 year old, like seeing a hummingbird, amazing but could be gone in an instant.

I got almost 2 full hours of information, questions, ponderings, giggles, music, and just let it all happen … we made it safe and sound to PA, all the while lil man was all plugged in and happy in the back …

Tomorrow add another Mommy, 2 more kids, and the Swagger Wagon …

~ Peace