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Details ~ 11 days, 2 full travel days, 1 adult (me), 2 kids

  • Travel (drive)
  • Sleep
  • lake/hike/sight see/eat out

And …

  • Technology (IPods, ear buds, DvD player, chargers)
  • Shower/shave/hair
  • Medications
  • Emergency Kid Stuff (Motrin, band aids, itchy cream, etc.)

From there make a packing list for each traveler, my 13 year old can do this all by herself now!

Packing (2)

My List

  • Shorts x 3 (including what I am wearing)
  • Skirt
  • Tank Tops x 5
  • T Shirts x 3 (including what I am wearing)
  • Bras & Panties x 5 (including what I am wearing)
  • Socks & Sneakers (I have been told we are hiking?!?!?!)
  • Sweater
  • Jammies
  • Bathing Suit x 2
  • Cover Up
  • Birks, Flip Flops for the water & Toms for driving

Packing (14)

And …

  • Minimal Make Up (don’t want to scare those poor Southerners)
  • Face/Hair/Clean/Shave (again not wanting to frighten people)
  • Meds, ADVIL
  • Phone & Charger, Camera & Charger
  • Books (like I will have time to read)

Packing (11)

Next is the folding & fitting!  Like I said yesterday, we all get 1 BAG, this bag.  Little guy & I will share a bag, and I will use the other bag for our stuffs (the AND things) … still only 3 bags!

Tips to fit everything & staying organized on the move …

  • Fold/Roll Combo ~ like they do in the Army (my Dad taught me)
  • Space Saver Bags.. the roll up kind for your unmentionables.  Not great for anything you don’t want wrinkled.
  • Meds … take prescription bottles!  Downsize other pills, I bought these lil bagsfor my vitamins, Advil, etc.
  • Travel containers ~ try and rePurpose, if you can’t, I HIGHLY recommend GoToobs.
  • Separate bags so you can grab what you need, and so others can grab what they need (i.e., kids & husbands)

Packing (17)

It may seem NUTS, so what! I never stress once I am on the road, I know that I have the important things, and there is always a store.  So there you go Monique

~ Peace & Travel