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We are going on vacation!!!  The first of 2 pretty long trips … I wrote about weekend getaways last summer, I told you about how I use rePurposed sheet and pillow case packaging for our toiletries.  This year, thanks to Pinterest, I am finding so many other travel and vacation ideas … not just the packing, but the travel and the vacationing part too …

Everyone has seen this one, right?  Rather pedestrian, but genius at the same time.  I have stock piled these for our summer travels … I am always amazed at how many bags of chips we have open at one time while at the beach.  Must be the salt air (or the beer) …



Digging on this! Tool box, tackle box is definitely on my must find list for packing all of the boy’s smalls … as he gets older the toys get smaller & POINTIER!

toy storage


We do this one!  Easy way to keep track of the camera in your beach bag, or back pack … When I get my giant, new, beautiful SLR I will reThink, until then …



Trying to find a new life for those baby bottles you don’t need anymore … Travel Containers!

shampoo & conditioner


Keep little hands, and minds, busy in the car … I have a 12 hour ride coming up, and may try a not so crafty version of this great upcycled DVD case.

for the car


Now, how about a few SbS travel and packing tips, for luck:

  • Start with a list of activities … drive, fly, beach, museum, climbing, hiking, dining out, sleeping, etc.  Then make a list for each person based on the activities …
  • TOILETRIES!  Unless you are going to be on a private boat, or on a trek through the jungles of Borneo there will be a store; you can usually find toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc.  Don’t be picky!  Pack what you need for a day or 2 then make a quick trip to the store … it’s fun to figure out what’s what when the packaging is in a different language.
  • Do laundry!  I washed clothes in the sink of the Hotel Majestic while I was on my honeymoon.  Hung them to dry in the carrara marble shower too … I would rather do a little wash than pay for another piece of luggage or schlep some giant thing around with me.
  • Still on the clothes thing … one piece outfits for babies, dresses for the ladies (big & small), think outfits, and pieces with some versatility.  No one pieces for men please!  They are usually good with tees and shorts, and they never mind wearing the same thing twice, NEITHER SHOULD THE LADIES!
  • Here at SbS headquarters we all have a bag … this bag … everything that needs to go has to fit in that bag, PERIOD!
It’s a vacation, it should be simple!
~ Peace
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