A little Estate Sale love from Monique … thanks for the help, the support, and most of all your friendship.

Becker Home

I took off this past weekend to assist Sara of Simplify by Sara fame with one of her estate/moving sales.  Wow, talk about the proverbial well-oiled machine!!!  This girl has got her stuff together.  Every detail was organized, every i dotted and t crossed, etc, etc… I was there to lend a hand and some moral support, but really I just stood back and watched, mouth hanging open, as she sold every stick of furniture (saving the dining room set, LONGGG story) in that house in under 8 hours.  If you ever need someone to coordinate a moving or estate or yard sale, this is the go-to woman, I kid you not.  She even coordinated the charity donation pick-ups for the remaining left over odds and ends.  (And there was hardly anything left to speak of.) And yes, she is available for PA sales.  If you want the job done…

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