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A Ruler?

You know I am out of my comfort zone in the kitchen if there is a ruler on the counter … I bake, but I am not a baker.  I fudge things and make substitutions all of this time; my mother says that baking (cooking) is in my DNA, and I can feel my way through it, she is right.  Thanks to the amazing Sheri of donuts, dresses and dirt, I stepped outside of my kitchen comfort zone, broke out the ruler and made Cherry Brown Butter Bars.   I had to do it,  I mean come on people … cherries, sweet pastry crust, sweet cherries, and brown butter filling!

The bars were not hard to make, just harder than I was prepared for.  I pushed through and man was I pleased; with the bars YUMMY and with myself … Check out my baking journey

Mise en place.  Yes I wing it a lot, but I am still OCD, and I love they way everythig looks all measured and in their own bowls.  I did have to pit the cherries with a paper clip, maybe I will get a pitter next year, but probably not.

Brown Butter Cherry Bars (17)

The pastry, which I have to warn you, comes together very quickly, and even if you think it’s wrong, it’s not.  Sort of like making a patachou dough …

Brown Butter Cherry Bars (22)

While the pastry cooks, brown the butter … this takes forever!  But when it is brown you have to move quickly and get it off the heat.

I have never made brown butter before.  I love brown butter and generally thought of it as a savory thing. Nine times out of ten if skate with brown butter is on a menu, I order it.  So now that I know how to make it, maybe the Chef  and I will team up for some skate with brown butter & cappers at home.

Brown Butter Cherry Bars (18)

Pretty, like little tushies …

Brown Butter Cherry Bars (2)

Brown butter filling …

Brown Butter Cherry Bars (5)

Let it cool and use the parchment paper to pull the entire thing out, I found the bars easier to cut when at room temp.  I tried too soon, and the cut was not clean.  I got to try a bit though …

Brown Butter Cherry Bars (6)

They turned out wonderfully, brought them along for a weekend visit with friends.  We had them for dessert with some old red wine, and then for breakfast with our coffee.

Brown Butter Cherry Bars (10)

I am going to make Cherry Brown Butter Bars again.  Thank you Sheri!

~ Peace & Inpsiration