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Trolling for inspirations for my Vintage Egg Basket … holding corks right now, someday to graduate to a kitchen light …

I found all of these amazing, creative, rePurposed lighting ideas … a giant vintage whisk

wisk light


the tops of acetylene tanks (LOVE THIS!)



electrical insulators … look up at the top of a telephone pole, see them?



a vintage Chicken Feeder … may have to start looking for one of these when I Flea Market in PA with Mo.



Kelly’s absolutely amazingly gorgeous demijohn lights … Check out her Eclectically Vintage Kitchen, wonderful ideas!

Kellys Lights


and the egg basket … Finally!

My kitchen is a work in progress … I love it, and will get to finish it someday, and I will get my Egg Basket Light, till then

Danny’s Kitchen

~ Peace & RePurpose