Mama Kat’s Writing Prompt … Dig out your high school yearbook and share a message a friend wrote that stands out to you.

I can’t, out of the 25 or so things people wrote to me only 2 or 3 even ring a bell … Really!

I was not a happy high schooler, I hated it, I had fun, but I hated it!  Would not do it again for a million bucks!  I was an angsty girl, I am still quite full of angst, still have an issue with authority, still like to party, and seem to still be memorable … not much has changed, except everything has changed!

My school was a very small, all girl, catholic High School, (insert joke here) … 92 girls, and we each got a full page … a baby picture, our formal graduation picture, and informal shot taken anywhere we chose on campus (I thought about behind the caf where I smoked, but then reconsidered), a couple of quotes, and a blurb … all in code and tons of exclamation points.

20 Years Ago (10)

Here is my blurb …

Mom, Dad, & PJ-Thanks for the support! Genny-you’re a pal!Ann-LYLAS!Maria-“It’s magic, it’s tragic …”JM-The Advice Woman! Lizzy-The Taconic!F.L.-Thanx for listening!J.R.-you’re the best!A.F.&L.C.-my buds! A Toast In The Caf!Going for ice cream w/ John!”Hill Straddle”-I Never!Original KP SK8!6-17-89*4ever!?Fred’s Basement!B–R ME!R.P.&P.C.-the park concert! Blanchardman!ALL the guys-it was real!OPP at Fred’s!!Summer ’91 w/ Ria! We’ll see, We’llsee??DeadBeatClub!!Newport Lts … Jim Lives!!Keep climbing “THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN”!-“Summer of 69”-number 6 lives on!!  REMEMBER-“It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the … “!!!!

That was the first time I had read that in decades!  WOW!  Mostly I don’t know what I was talking about … one would think the phrase “Hill Straddle” would ring a bell or two!  I do know who most of the initials represent, don’t know why I felt the need to give a shout out to the douche bag boyfriends I had, probably why I had douche bag boyfriends … didn’t know any better.  We’ll see, We’llsee?? was written to my then best friend, and now husband … SMILE!  The school made me edit the last line, too dirty.  Nuns!

What did you write in your yearbook?  What were you voted?  Who did you quote?  I quoted a douche bag ex-boyfriend that wrote poetry and the cult classic Nick Cage film Wild At Heart … “This whole world is wild at heart and crazy on top of it.”

Sums it all up, no?

~ Peace