Monique’s adventures in baking … poor Mo! Got gut for blogging about a FAIL

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So, remember that Strawberry Yogurt Cake I said I was going to make?  I did it.  Although in hindsight I probably should have waited until tomorrow to do it.  See, with a hectic schedule of 2 soccer games (one child, one husband), lawn mowing (older son was supposed to), dinner prep, house cleaning, laundry, a little sewing, grocery shopping ($232.48 ahh!) and pulling up the rugs that had soaked up all the water that seeped into our back room last night from the torrential downpours, I really needed cake.  I needed cake BAD.

And I remembered that recipe.  I even just bought strawberries.  And they looked so beautiful.  And I was going to make this with them:

Instead, this is what happened:

Yes,  my lovely cake fell into a million pieces as I was trying to turn it upside down out of the pan.  Yup.  Should have waited until…

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