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Thanks IHeart Organizing  …

You may, or may not, remember that I unpack some of the kid’s snacks when we get home from the store … see a glimpse into my pantry wackiness right here … anyway, I thought I had snack time under control, AND THEN I saw this …

I had no idea that these wonderful little containers would change my life.  I am now the proud mama to a completely independent snacker … I admit that I have some set up responsibilities, that’s so much better than the yelling from the kitchen every 15 or 20 minutes to help open the letter cookies, or put O’s in a cup … etc., etc., etc.

But if I keep them full, he stays happy … he loves his crunchy snacks .

He loves his special containers from Claire … new SbS house rule “If it’s in a green container it’s yours!”

Ball Plastic Freezer Jars come in 8 oz and 16 oz sizes, a set of 4, 16 oz containers is $5.99 on Amazon, they are BPA free, dishwasher and freezer safe … and they stack for easy storage!

It is always the small things that make me the happiest …

~ Peace