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“Good enough and done is better than perfect and none.”

~ Unknown (found via Organized by Design)

Sums up what I desperately try to put into words for clients all of the time. We all do it … put off a project, whatever that project may be (a bathroom remodel, a closet, a pantry, etc.) because it won’t be perfect … I do it, I won’t anymore!

While, it is a good thing to try to do/be the best that one can, or purchase the best product one can buy, we have to learn to distinguish for ourselves between wanting to do/be/buy the best and striving for perfect.  I struggle with this as well, so I have begun to say the above quote to myself at least once a day.  Thus far it has been a helpful reminder to look for perfectly acceptable instead ofperfect, and I have been able to get a lot more done.

Good Enough is Good Enough!  Done is Done!!! There is never perfect, EVER! Strive for your best, allow yourself to be proud of what is, don’t feel like shit for what is not.

~ Happiness & Monday