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Peace is my priority everyday … Wake up peacefully.  Kids out the door peacefully.  Husband off to work peacefully.   Everything I do is to keep my house the calm, content oasis my family needs …

Being organized is an integral part of creating a peaceful existence … so being organized should be a priority.  Now don’t get me wrong … SOOOOO not perfect … we have chaos, and yes there are moments of crazy … Science Fair Projects the night before, running out for coffee at 9 o’clock at night in jammy pants so we don’t have to suffer the next morning, everyday single school day at 4:15!!! But the big things never fall through the cracks, I think it just makes more work, which adds stress, which threatens the peace …

The plan, so far, has been to keep up with my shit, try to stay a step ahead when time permits, only say yes to what you know you can do, get what you can done, there is always tomorrow, know that it is OK to have nothing to do, if you can schedule down time then do it … My Rule ~ I don’t work (outside the house) on Mondays.  

Sitting here, quiet, peaceful house all around me, very grateful it’s Friday, looking forward to a bottle of Chianti with my love and some Yankee baseball later … wanted to share.

~ Wishing You Peace