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I am getting ready for my annual Porch Sale, meaning I am looking at the stuff in my house differently ~ Do you really live here, or are you for sale? 

Vintage Slate Tablet

I peer in the backs of cabinets, look for doubles in drawers, ask myself how long have we been together, are your right for me????  Here are a few things that may be short timers …

A primitive Folk Art Bench … moved a few times already

What do I even have back there?

 This thing has been around forever … is that reason enough to keep it?

Do I really need another box?

This is definitely going, not my thing but super cool.

Not at all sure, but I think we will keep him …

There could be cash just sitting around your house!  Take inventory once in a while, consign something … you will be addicted AND you will have both more space and more money to get some new(used) stuff …