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This week was Spring Break here, HA!, NOT!  There were no wet t-shirt contests, shots of any sort, frat boys, or Club MTV Specials …  So I cleaned a few things, organized my usernames and passwords, and really not much else … 2 kids ya know

The Posts

A Sunday morning HEY to the SbS fan of the week  … Shelia … thank you so much for commenting and sharing on the FB page.  You gotta be in it to win it … Comment, Share, Post …

The ShareFresh Home Ideas .. Fresh Ways to Save Energy,  don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to save on electric.  We are 4 people in a 2 bedroom apartment and our ConEd bill is outta control!  We are all CF bulbs, energy star appliances, lights out when we are not in the room, and no TVs on during the day … new ideas are welcome …

Home Entertainment

• Do a wall plug audit … Walk through your house and see how many items are plugged into the wall that don’t need to be. Then, pull the plug on those you can.

There were a few folks talking about SbS this week … the lovely, Holly at VentureMom.com,  interviewed me, and featured me as this week’s Venture Mom… read it here … so cool!  There was also a little SbS over at Apartment Therapy Family this week … Phia & Anthony’s Room was picked to demonstrate shared kid’s room design, Design Solutions for Shared Kids Bedrooms … feels nice!

This Pin absolutely blew up (for me anyway) … Little Bit Funky painted some wooded spoons … I dug it, I pinned it and 83 Pinners RePinned it …



This week, busy busy …

~ Momentum