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I can remember most of them, especially the sites I use almost every day … Bank, Amazon, Facebook … but if my life depended on it I could not tell you my Twitter password … could you?

The week 15 challenge at Home Storage Solutions 101 ~ Organize Passwords, Warranties & Manuals ~ got me thinking … I keep a file, but not with any consistency or real organization.  Changing that!

The challenge recommends a journal or list of sorts, and gives links to apps and websites to help keeps things in order, this may work for you, but not me.

My very visual “Mommy” brain requires pictures, logos and instant grab access.  Here is what I decided to do …

  • Go through my existing paper file; check the information there for accuracy & browse my online bookmarks for any websites that require a log in;
  • Print the Log In page for the websites requiring user names & passwords;
  • Fill them in … I wrote the username, the password, the email address associated with the account, a contact phone number, and account/policy number if applicable (for the bank, insurance, etc.).

I now have a folder, in my filing cabinet, with all of the information anyone would need to ruin me … However, after weighing the benefits and risks of keeping this file, I decided that the benefit of this information being accessible to my family, should something happen to me, far outweighs my fear of some random act of burglary …

So … wanna share your passwords????

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