5 simple steps to help keep up …


For Kids of All Ages

Give yourself a small reward (a break, a snack, etc.) after each step to stay motivated.  Another motivational trick is to time yourself on each step to see how fast you can do it.

1.  Clothes

Pick-up all the clothes.  Clean clothes get hung in the closet or folded and put away.  Dirty clothes go in a hamper and taken to the laundry.

Also, this step is number one because in most messy rooms it will make the biggest impact.  Hopefully that will inspire you to keep going.

2.  Make the Bed

Don’t just straighten the blankets – take the extra 2 minutes and make it sharp.  This step is important because the bed will become your “work station” for the next step.

3. Clear the Floor

Put boxes, bins, totes, etc. on your bed.  Get everything up off the floor and into one of…

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