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I use Febreze, not often, but I do … I know, I know … CHEMICALS!  I bought the giant Costco size about 3 years ago (see how often I don’t use Febreze) when I was much less aware, that said, I won’t be buying anymore and I want to make my own.  So I Googled and searched Pinterest for Homemade Febreze … seems everyone is making their own BUT they are all using fabric softener.  Now, not to offend but, YUCKY!

Here are a few links to natural recipes … using Vodka, witch hazel, water, citrus, essential oils … identifiable ingredients are the key.

Love the disclaimer from Not Stepford Wives … “Do not use this spray around an open flame.” 

I will be trying the the witch hazel, water, and essential oils … I just can’t bring myself to waste vodka 😉  Which will you try?

~ Fresh & Green