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Been working like a crazy person on an Estate Sale … had a super short time line to meet … 1 WEEK!! So I was “in it” to say the very least.  All in all it was a hugely successful venture, we sold an entire house full of furniture, glassware, china, etc., recycled 12 or so bags of textiles, had many a happy customer and, most importantly, a happy client 🙂

Here is a little overview of what I posted oh so long ago …

A big SHOUT OUT to the SbS fans of the last 2 weeks!!!  So sorry guys … Karen & Trudy … thank you so much for commenting and sharing on the FB page.  It means the world to me to get feedback … AHHH love that virtual love.

Another fantabulous project from the fantabulous boys over at Our Crafty Home … a Magnetic Chalkboard Door … an alternate to the fridge door!!!

Finally the Pin … I love a wall of mirrors, I have one in my living room … so here is the pin, from designsponge.com featuring hand mirrors … CUTE!

Mirror Wall


and here is mine …

Day off today, back for the Estate Sale Post Mortem tomorrow … here’s to the start of something wonderful.

~ Peace