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A 13 year old daughter … my little one ain’t so little no more!  She stays up late and sleeps even later, she texts, facetimes, and gabs with friends to all hours.  By the time she rolls out of bed we are half done with our day … the only thing she does more than text is eat!  In fact I can hear her in the kitchen right now 😉

But mostly now, what she wants is space and privacy, and in our small apartment privacy is at a premium …  which means her room looks like this!

and this ….

… and there is really nothing I can do about, well not if I want her to kind of still like me even a little bit.

Remember last year when I could get her space to be all magazine/blog ready for a feature on Ohdeedoh … (thanks to my photog BT).  Yeah, that will never happen again.

She owns her space now, has personalized it with all that teenagery girl stuff (aaahhh remember the days of Tiger Beat &  Bop?) posters, notes from friends and art …

I do still go in and remove the grossness, open the blinds and crack the window … you gotta do that!  But mostly I just close her divider curtain and respect her space.

She is an Honor Roll student, takes great care of her lil brother (AJP~5), loves to watch PBS Masterpiece and Glee with me, we know her friends, and they like to spend time here, with her, in her space … she has earned her half of the room.

This uber~controlling, clean, organized and very proud Mama has given up the battle over the clean room … I am already winning the war, I have a great daughter!

~ Peace