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So yesterday I made the mess … and found that all of this …

was in here …  Impressive!

I found homes for the stuff that was not mine and therefore should not be in my space, the tax returns, the special photo boxes, and the box of unwanted electronics, have all been sent to their new spots and using what I had on hand, my closet looks like this now …

I know what you are all gonna say “You don’t have a lot of stuff!” and to that I say YUP!  I have just enough 😉

I don’t work in an office anymore (cue the happy music) so I have one nice pair of pants, a skirt, a fancy black dress, a casual black dress, a couple of sweaters and seven or so cardigans … mostly I have gotten over the idea of needing a new outfit for an event (except last week, thanks Maria!) and it feels good.  This is in addition to my Mommy uniform of jeans, a black t-shirt, and my Birks …

If funds were unlimited I would have an elfa closet, get rid of my dresser, and regain the square footage in my bed/office/room.  But all in all, I am pleased with the outcome, but I am still contemplating some paint … time will tell.