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Inspired by the blog 365 Trinkets ~ Purging One Trinket Everyday … I have been thinking about digital scrap booking.  Meet Wubby …

Wubby used to be a t-shirt acquired by my hubby, in 2003, while on a family vaca in Rome.  The rest of the world was pleading for America not to invade Iraq ~ we agreed with them ~ so we bought a few t-shirts and a flag from a Pakistani man in the Piazza Navona … A few years later I snatched it … it was so comfy and it was on the short list of what still fit  😉

In the months that followed his arrival, my new little man became attached to the T, and very very early one morning I had to give it up to those little clenched fists.

Someday Wubby will disappear, it may just disintegrate, so here is the proof that it existed, and that my little man was once a baby …

~ Memory