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I am almost 100% plastic free, and as a consequence of my Greeniness … I have no “Tupperware” for doggie bags or bags to put them in …

I realized this the other day when I wanted to send some goodies home with my Mother-in-Law … no plastic containers and no plastic bags.  I could send a glass container, but I won’t!  I hoard those … the Pyrex are $$$ so I only have a limited stock and my colection of jars has been curated to perfection.  I have enough to store the stock for the week, and a few for sauce and soup … when the fridge and pantry are full; the container drawer is empty …  What to do?

I suggested to my husband, The Chef, that we ask people to bring containers with them … he says that I am “NUTS”… DUH! … I can give in and keep a stash of “throw away” containers, I really don’t want to.  One of may fave blogs The Zero Waste Home has a few tips here including bringing your own containers for leftovers …

Has this come up in your home?  What do you do?

~ Green