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Home Storage Solutions 101‘s mission for the week of 1.30.12 is Recipes … Do you accept?  I did … well sort of 😉

See here at SbS I am not the Chef, I am more like the the General Manager/Sous Chef and the sometimes pastry chef.  The recipes were really not mine to touch … but I did it anyway, and so far the Chef is pleased.

Everything was in a binder, but not in any particular order, maybe in reverse chronological???

Anyway, I had no dividers on hand, but did have a box of manila folders I rescued from the Free Table, punched some holes and viola DIVIDERS.  I made some vague categories, he may change them, we will see …

Sorted into piles, and with the exception of my little baking notes all was wunderbar.

Again going on the use what ya got mantra, I whipped up a little DIY pocket folder.

The mission also directed us to sort through the cookbooks, but I don’t dare.  They are the holy text in the Church of Danny Food and they are beautiful to look at, no?

~ Purge, Sort, Repeat