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Did you wake up at 4 am to see Diana and Charles or William and Kate get married? Yeah, me neither.  I seem to be missing one of the girl genes. You know the gene; the one cares about hair, makeup, clothing, and style? Ok, I’ll admit it, I do care about hair products and hair dryers, but if you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s with curly hair & Dippidy Doo, you would too.

I’m always amazed by women (you know who they are) who glide through life looking beautiful, with clean and organized homes. Somehow, dinnertime, my most frantic time of the day, is seamless for them.  So this week, inspired by my former kitchen clueless friend Shari, SbS, and a Facebook recipe group, I decided to put a little more thought into dinner this week.

For the first time ever, I planned my menu for the week. It’s only Wednesday and all I can say is WOW. There has been no stress around dinner this week. No instance of me standing in the middle of the grocery store scratching my head wondering what to cook.   Inexplicably, even clean up has been easier. As I said before, I’m missing one of those girl genes, so, like a man, when I cook the kitchen is a disaster.

Here’s a look at the menu:

Sunday – Chili (isn’t that a playoff game requirement?)

Monday – Roast chicken with roasted potatoes

Tuesday – Ravioli and meatballs (a family favorite)

Wednesday – Chicken Scarpariello

Thursday – The grown ups are out so the kids will have left over pasta and meatballs.

Will this trend continue? Have I dug down deep inside and found my girl gene? Will my most frantic time become seamless? Only time will tell but for now I can finally say – I get it.

~ Claire 

BONUS … No wasted food!