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My bother’s 110 year old firehouse in Yonkers, New York, is a finalist in The Family Handyman Rescue Remodel Contest!

Read their plea and jump over and vote for Yonkers Engine Company 306 …

Our firehouse is a 110-year old picturesque building placed directly in the heart of the historic Nodine Hill section of Yonkers, New York. Traditionally, we have always been the oldest and the busiest fire company in the city, and around 30th in the nation when it comes to run totals. That averages into about 3,100 runs per year, and roughly 800 fires of a structural nature. The demographic we serve is a very dense population made up of all walks of life, from hard-working middle class, to many people well below the poverty line. They are good, but unfortunately, needy people that rely heavily on municipal services. When they call, we must be truly well rested, well fed, and at our absolute best for whatever is ahead.

Having been built in 1901, our firehouse pales in comparison to those built within the past 20 years or so. There is no great room or gourmet kitchen, no separate gym facility or high definition TV room. We have less than 3 inches of clearance to get our apparatus in the door, a dorm that doubles as a gym, and a kitchen that serves as our day room, living room, computer room, and kitchen all in a tiny 12 ½ x 20 ft space. We are housed in a rundown space that has not been updated since 1961. There is only one cabinet still hanging on the wall, which contains substandard appliances. It is less than pleasurable conditions for grown adults to live within mere feet of one another. That is exactly what we do here; live with each other. For 24 hours at a time we are a family. We cook, clean, eat, talk, sleep in very close quarters, and while it is quite uncomfortable living conditions for most of the day, it is what we do and enjoy doing it. The team that I work with would never complain, but I know it is not easy on them. They work extremely hard every time they step foot inside our doors and I truly feel that every day they earn the right to do so in more pleasurable work/living surroundings.

Due to the struggling economy, improvements have understandably been pushed back by the administration, seemingly for an indefinite period. It feels like we have been sitting on the back burner for years (and now our back burner isn’t working very well!!) I sincerely hope, through your contest, you can help in making the lives of a great group of true firefighters just a bit better. Thank you very much in advance for both your time and consideration.

They are wonderful, hardworking, firefighters … let’s get these guys a new kitchen!!!!