I hear this word all of the time, especially lately, I am guilty of misusing it as well.  So I thought I would look it up.  Not because I din’t know what it means, just out of curiosity.  I am a very visual person …

Affordable (adjective) ~ that can be afforded; being within the financial means of most people

OK, straight forward right … NOT!  “most people” … when I , we (us bloggy folks), label something “affordable” should we have to disclose our current financial status?  How about the median income of our neighborhood?  The word affordable is just too subjective and it bothers me (probably more than it should because I can’t afford anything 😉 ).

I vow, from today forward, I will no longer use the word affordable, and if I do, I will tell you what makes it affordable … Because it is what I can afford.   Because where I live this usually costs this much, etc.  I also won’t “Pin” anything that I can’t afford to do/use/create … I promise to no longer worship things that I cannot afford, I live with in my means and I will blog and pin from there too …

~ Silly