So it is really not like the home school set up I think of when I hear “Homework Station” … here it is a change of location in order to adjust the attitude.

After a rough start to 7th grade, the challenge of time management, dealing with so many different teacher personalities and expectations, my almost 13 year old daughter was in need of an intervention.  She has all of the tools to be a successful student, she just needed a tune up.  Fist, we changed locations, she no longer hides away in her girl cave all afternoon & evening “doing homework-KA”.  Second, everything she needs is in now one place … the hold ups that can happen if we can’t find the protractor can be epic!

Most importantly we all re-PRIORITIZED … We have a new daily routine … the “Day Dump”.  She writes down & tells me OUT LOUD what happened in every class and what is expected of her the next day, and I listen.  Also, now that we share space I can see if she is distracted, stumped, moving slowly or really flying through things … I give my input.

Her room has become her little oasis, she rests, hangs out, socializes, and even reads in there … and I get my dining room back by moving 2 boxes.

Win Win! …. 104% on her last English Test.

~ Priority