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So back in November we started talking about pantries … we’ve simplified, strategized, made lists, meal plans, shared recipes … now let’s make it pretty with out spending money on those amazingly, lovely Martha-y things …

  • Unpack everything the second you get home and put it all on the counter.  The organizer in me wants you to put like with like, but you don’t have to.
  • Give the fridge the once over … check that all of your leftovers are still eatable, look in the jelly jars for fuzz, wipe up any stickiness … No new food in a dirty fridge!
  • Check your dry goods for empty, or almost empty, boxes.  Cereal boxes have a way of going back in the pantry no matter what … dust it out, make bird food from the stale crackers that no one likes anymore.  OK now rotate! Full cereal boxes behind the 1/2 full, combine the 1/4 cup of O’s left with the new box, etc.  Make snacks accessible to the small people in your life by removing the box tops … leaves the snacks identifiable but still segregated (very important o my lil’ guy).
  • Rotate your stock and load up the fridge and freezer following the same idea.  Less packaging, beers and Jell-O puddings out of their cardboard …
  • Breakdown cardboard for recycling, pack up your reusable bags … you have them right … put them all by the door so it gets where it needs to be.

Someday, when I grow up, I want glass canisters, pretty baskets … until then

~ Pretty Pantry