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A Note from Marleni in response to 20 Minutes …


I do this everyday, about 20 minutes of things that I have to do that make the rest of my day so much smoother.  Today I began at 5:33pm after vegging and playing a good amount of time after work.  I begin by emptying the dishrack and putting things away or setting them out for tomorrow morning for lunch or breakfast which I make every morning.  Then I take out the garbage and recyclable bags out of the kitchen and replace with new ones.  (I reuse grocery bags as much as possible for this purpose.)  I then go and scoop out the 3 litter boxes, empty the small waste cans in the bathroom and bedroom, spray daily cleaner in the toilet, then take out the trash and recyclables.  This took until 5:40.  Then I start dinner by putting whatever needs to go into the stove, oven or microwave in and beginning that process.  Next I set out clothes for the next day.  Then I wash all the dishes by hand (no dishwasher) tidy up the kitchen and prep the coffee maker so my coffee will brew automatically in the am.  When I’m done with the dishes, I’ll feed the kitties and that’s that until dinner is done.

Today it took until 5:51pm, so managed that in 18 minutes.  Not a big deal, but doing a little every day helps so much and keeps me organized and sane.  :)

~ Keeping Up