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A great response to “31 Days of Nothing” Challenge care of Fake-It-Frugal …

Let’s see…it began when my husband came to me and said ummm if we don’t cut this credit card bill down in a significant amount soon you will have to go back to work…Yikes!!! So think, no way I want to work yet with L only 1 … so I put myself on a severe money diet…$100 a week for whatever we need…no more credit card…the only exception was gifts for birthdays/holidays…the tough part was groceries…so I go to Stop & Shop …they have the price gun, very neat little tool to help you keep track of what you are actually spending … so that is usually $25/$40…depending what we need, we have been having a lot of pantry meals, pasta and peas is a staple in our house … other than that gas is usually about $25…the rest is stuff for L, diapers, he still eats some baby food … we have not done take out in a very looong time … home made pizza or Chinese is healthier anyway … umm right?? No more lunch with friends 😦 When there is left over cash, which some weeks there is $20/$30, it goes in a jar for something fun.  Every week I challenge myself to see how much I can put in the jar … this is the toughest challenge I have ever had but the best for my family … we are looking to move some day soon!!

Thanks for sharing … gonna start a $$$ jar too

~ Save & Prosper